At St James Solicitors we understand how precious your driving licence is to you and what it means to keep hold of it if you can when faced with a driving offence.  A moment’s thoughtlessness or inattention on the road can lead to points on your licence or even a lengthy ban from driving.

The good news is that at St James Solicitors, we defend all kinds of motoring offences.  Whether you drive “Dad’s taxi”, a taxi cab or even an HGV, when it comes to motoring law, you could say we’ve got the knowledge.

So, if you are facing a charge of speeding, drink driving or dangerous driving (and everything that comes in between) the expert solicitors at St James are here to lead you through the court process and find the best solution we can to suit your circumstances.  We just might be able to help and it costs a lot less than losing your driving licence.

If you or a loved one are charged with a driving offence,

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Unlike most solicitors, our lawyers are criminal specialists. The can help with the things most law firms can’t. Like police interviews. Or trials in magistrates courts and crown courts.

Best of all? They are real people. So, they speak real English. They give you honest facts. They support you when you need it most. In other words: you’re in safe hands with St. James.